Where do I go ?

Scorching across the wind,

Racing against the storm,

Fighting the repentance within,

A soul withering far and beyond.

A walk around the road,

A stroll around the ocean,

Questioning the commotion within,

I keep walking the dark,

I walk alone.

Fighting the repentance within,

A soul withering far and beyond.

A bliss which was showered so strong,

Drained me all along,

A word that seemed so right all the way,

A term, which proved me wrong,

I keep walking the dark,

I walk alone.

Fighting the repentance within,

Soul withers far and beyond.

A shadow that chases me,

A reflection that catches my soul,

Trying to find a place to hide,

Just don’t find a way.

I look at the sky,

I stare at the oceans far beyond.

I keep walking in the dark,

I walk alone.

Fighting the repentance within,

Soul withers far and beyond.

LOVE ain't my Destiny !!!

Well i wrote this at early dawn 4 a.m today !!!
I guess d situation inspired me to do so.

I tried seeing an ocean, it's vast and elongated, water fills it's boundaries from all the corners. But what can it offer ? Salty / Saline water, which no one drinks or an array of hope which seems never ending. LOve seems something like that. The word Love's, gigantism and it's aura charecteristically is filled around with happiness, prosperity and smiles all around. But true love is something like salty water, no one cares for it or is even bothered to buy a bottle of it. Realist's would say oderwise, Love is pleasent, it's like a mild wind which would always caress your soul and make you feel heavenly, but practically, Love is like a hurricane whose turbulence
blows your entire soul and destroys your existence. It is like an ocean of Pain, hardships and struggle through which you have to motivate everyday to live on and move on in life, coz you can't even die. It is like an invincible force which leads you to non-pragmatism, destroys your vision and buries your individuality. Being practical is so much tougher.

I would realise all of this at dawn when the clock ticks at 4.12 a.m. But at the same time the entire thought seems as seemless and baseless as a dream which comes and goes by and you cannot even capture the reality of that moment. People talk about the Pain which Love gives you, but can anyone account for the happiness which one gets in one single moment when you are in Love, that one moment counterfades all the pain which you get out of it. Does anythin matter when the person whom you are in Love with smiles, at her happiest best. I dont think so, it's all that matters, i.e. her smile and her happiness. They say nothing is forever, but i say, true Love always was, is and will be forever, coz it niether dies nor fades off. It lives on and on and on, irrespective of whether the person whom you Love is your's or not. All that matters is whether she is in your heart or not.

They say Love makes your heart weaker, you'r Love always is ur weakest point but actually the reality is, Love is always the biggest inpiration behind every achievement. The utmost honesty in Love is something which drives you and your soul. I look at this, in this way, everyday i get up with a feeling, thought and an inspiration, that today she ll be Happy and nothing around her would go wrong. That itself is enough, and i knw, it make'z my day.

Well many would term Love someway, many the other way round. I would term it beautiful and heavenly even at 5.30 a.m, even when everything devoids me the way it always has. I can't help Loving the Love and the harsher Love ll b on me, the more I ll Love it. Keep scratching my heart till i am no more, the only thing that ll still be left in me is Love.

Sounds wordly and unrealistic, but tht'z the way i am. Can't stop Lovin some1, at the stake of being Practical in Life.

5.48 a.m.

Shallow !!!

Life is shallow, as it rains everday,
A tear drop sometimes serenades the day,
At times, when your love gets away,
You are the one he thinks about,
The one who he really cares for the most,
A drip on wetness on the paper, u dont see.
You are the one, he misses the most.

You are the sun that brings him all the sunshine,
The one for whom, he ll put everythin on line,
You are the river which always,
Quenches his thirst almost.
You are the one he misses the most.

You are the one who shades him from the sun,
You are the darkness when there is too much light,
You are the one who makes him feel warm and happy,
You are the one standing by him, in all those dark cold nights.

My Love is getting away,
It's raining in and out everyday,
The wetness on the paper is shrubbing off,
My rekindled emotions forever.
COz it was not about, now or never,
I knew i would, always Love you forever.

Does rain bloom ???

Well I have always heard that the morning sunlight always along with it brings rays of hope. It always should make you feel that at the end of the day the word surreal prevails in its own context, or let it put it as victory ensembles over darkness.
According to me there is a protruded symantec barrier between the light and the darkness, although the light and the dark are so inter related. There resemblance in our life is so very unified,darkness is always emancipated by light, even when their self personificated charecter distinguishes their identity in so many different ways. Both have their own enigma and few a million mysteries which always extrudes along their face.
When gauging an ocean from distance, it's immense and intense profanity seems, just as large as the length of our palm. But when we come across it or face it, we not only get to realise the entangled variations, but also the distance by which our imaginations vary from reality. I guess thats what they call surreal and real. Realisation of such deviations is as important as breathing air coz it helps us perspire life through the path we want it to go.Imagination when lucid is just like a shadow, which walks with you and your existence. Doesn't really stop until you stop inhibiting that sultry light which refines itself in to a pragmatic dream. Which universally leads to UTTER DESTRUCTION, mostly mentally.
But what creates this deviations ? That's what we got to find out. Well emotions mostly, distance at times and mostly it's ur surreal mind.
Well one example: it is easy to relate your girl to the surreal beauty of the moon, but do we realise that moon also has craters.
Well as I see emotions, our surreal mind and the distance affecting our entire thought process. Well emotions are destructive, they are a catalyst which not only ignites but it also converges you in to a distinct diabolical mind at large.
It's better not to think much and mostly realise the reality at large and identify the soil you really belong to. Coz your life is like a tree and you grow it the best when you belong to your soil.

Life Within !!!

An emotion so tender to caress upon,

A feeling so harmonic to sing through,

A love so pure to be felt upon,

A heart so gentile, you can see through.

Down the serenading ocean,

Love feels like a mist,

Farther you stand, the other side of road,

It's your Love that stands amidst.

Swimming down the sea,

When it's a walk down the road,

Tranquilizing the unbounded symmetry,

Entangled, is his life's geometry.

The flash up the cigarattes,

Which fades down with the smoke.

The fire that strangles him within,

Burns him cold the most.

The stuttering puff of dust,

Encircling the unboubnded aura of smoke,

Amidst the haze of purple that serenades him,

He kills him within ...